FHP Speed Control Motors

Speed Control Motor or AC single phase speed control motor is a combination of FHP Induction motor with a taco generator for feedback & Electronic speed controller. Single phase supply is given to Electronic speed controller which controls the phase angle of power being supplied to the Speed Control Motor. The feedback is taken from the taco attached at the back of speed control motor to maintain the desired speed.

Suitable for continuous operation, the speed of the motor can be varied by rotating knob of electronic speed controller over a wide range of 90 ~ 1400 RPM for 50 HZ supply. The speed can be reduced further by attaching a gearbox.

The Torque of Speed Control Motor decreases as the speed is reduced.

  • Square Frame sizes 80 mm, 90 mm.
  • Output powers 25 watt, 40 watt
  • Rated Torque of Speed Control Motor is from 0.04 N.m to 20 N.m
  • Inline Speed Control Gear Motor with keyway type shaft and Motor with D type Round Shaft